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5 most interesting places to see and do in Jogja

Jogja is special, this one student city is always attached to the hearts of visitors. How not? Jogja is a city with a complete tour package of both nature tourism, education, culinary, shopping, all can be found.

5 most interesting places to see and do in Jogja
5 most interesting places to see and do in Jogja

Place to see in Jogja

Planning to visit Jogja? Don't miss the 20 attractions in Jogja, which are the following tourist favourites:

1. Bukit Panguk Kediwung

Bukit Panguk Kediwung is a relatively new tourist attraction in Yogyakarta. The new attraction opened a year ago, it is being hits among young people. Sunrise Hunting Hobby? Bukit Panguk Kediwung does present a view of the sunrise that will not be forgotten.

To reach the natural attractions in Jogja is not very difficult. The route is the same as to Mangunan Fruit farm. If you have reached the Mangunan fruit farm, you can ask the local people to reach the village of Kediwung. Once in Kediwung, there will be many signs to Bukit Panguk.

Planning a visit to Bukit Panguk? Because the road to it is quite extreme, you should use a motorbike if you want to visit this new Jogja attraction. The motorbike parking rate is Rp 2000. The car park rate is Rp 5000. For entry rates are not given a benchmark voluntary alias of visitors.

2. Gedad Waterfall
Places of interest in Jogja

Another interesting place in Jogja is the Gedad waterfall. This waterfall located in Dusun Gedad, Playen, Gunung Kidul, is quite unique. The wide, humped walls of the waterfalls make Jogja's natural attractions look artistic.

Gedad Waterfall is a new Jogja tourism object that is a tourist destination. Presenting a still beautiful atmosphere, Gedad waterfall is perfect for photography lovers. Retries are also still free. You only need to pay Rp 2000 for the parking fee if you want to enjoy the beauty of this waterfall.

3. Timang Beach Suspension Bridge
Beach spots in Jogja

Love the extreme and challenging sightseeing spots? Try to visit Timang Beach, Gunung Kidul. This beach tourist spot in Jogja is quite famous with its hang train. In addition, Timang Beach now has a suspension bridge that becomes a new access to the Coral Hill Timang Beach.

To take the bridge, you must pay the ticket Rp 100,000.00. You have to have big guts if you want to cross through this suspension bridge.

The wave of waves and the sea breeze is strong when passing through this bridge, can trigger your adrenaline. It's not uncommon for visitors to come back and return because they don't dare to cross this bridge.

4. Watu Jaran Sky Swing
Jogja's newest tourist attraction

Heading to Kulon Progo, you have to explore the newest Jogja tourist attraction, namely the Watu Jaran Sky swing. Here, you can swing with unmitigated heights. It has a height of 800 meters. High once, yes.

With the backdrop of Menoreh Hill, this natural tourist spot in Jogja is perfect for you who have a hobby. No need to worry about safety, the manager of the Sky Swing is working with the Jogja SAR for development. Can sustain up to 500 kg, this swing is also anti corrosion because it is made of steel.

In addition to ensuring safety, you only have to pay Rp 30,000 to enjoy this attraction. Because access to it is quite ugly, the organizer also provides free Ojek to get to this cheap Jogja tourist spot.

5. Kadilangu Sand Mangrove Forest
New Jogja Tour

The Kadilangu mangrove forest is not the newest Jogja tourist attraction. However, there is a new photo spot that includes a Eiffel Tower, a temple, and a hexagonal tunnel from bamboo. This forest located in Kulon Progo is an attractive holiday option for you and your family.

The Kadilangu mangrove forest is located in Jangkaran village, Temon District, Kulon Progo. There are several spots here that are connected by bamboo bridge so you can enjoy all the available spots. In addition, you can also walk down the Bogowonto River to enjoy the mangrove expanse.

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