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5 most popular Semarang attractions recommended by Google

Semarang tourism is not only Lawang Sewu who is famous for its old building is Lho. There are about 50 tourist spots in the city of Semarang recommended by Google for you to visit.

5 most popular Semarang attractions recommended by Google
5 most popular Semarang attractions recommended by Google

Semarang is the capital of Central Java. Do not be confused yes. Because there are still many who think that the capital of Central Java is Jogja. Yogyakarta Special Region is a different province with Central Java. So, Semarang is the central government of Central Java province.

As the capital of Central Java, of course there are many tourist attractions in Semarang offered by local governments, including tourist attractions in the city of Semarang recommended by Google.

To be more familiar with the city of Lumpia, let us discuss one of the popular tourist attractions in the city of Semarang that match your appetite.

1. Lawang Sewu
Haunted tourist attraction Semarang

If you talk about tourist attractions in Semarang, the first time you'll head to this old building. The building which has many doors is very popular among travelers. Not only to leave an interesting historical story, the mystery story there is also one magnet to invite visitors come lho.

Lawang Sewu has undergone a lot of renovation so that a haunted nuance will not feel when you visit this place. In addition to historical tours, things you need to do while you're there are of course photo hunting. Don't need more effort when shooting, because the shot will still look good because the place is really cool.

This legendary city tour of Semarang is located in the Tugu Muda complex, Jl. Pemuda, Semarang. Lawang Sewu is open every day from 07.00 – 21.00 WIB. The entrance ticket price is also very affordable, which is Rp 10,000 for adults and Rp 5,000 for children.

Some young people have even made Lawang Sewu as a night tour of Semarang that adrenaline. Dare to try?

2. Sam Poo Kong
Semarang tourist shrine Sam Poo Kong

Semarang tourist attraction This one is also not less famous with Lawang Sewu. Because, the existence of Sam Poo Kong Temple can be a proof that shows if Indonesia is a country that has a variety of cultures and people can live next to each other.

If you're already there, don't spend time on a selfie trip. Because, there are many fun activities that you can do in this place. One of them is a historical tour commemorating the journey of Admiral Cheng Ho, a Muslim Chinese sailor who spread the peace virus in Bandeng city.

The location of Sam Po Kong temple is located at Simongan Street No. 129, Bongsari, Semarang. The schedule opens daily at 06.00 – 23.00 WIB. Entry ticket price is Rp 5,000 per person. The streets of Semarang are incomplete if you have not visited this famous temple.

3. Blenduk Church
Semarang Easter Tour

In addition to the Christian place of worship, GPIB Immanuel who is more familiar called Blenduk Church is also used as an interesting tourist destination in Venetië Van Java. The ancient building built in 1753 is still standing firmly in the old City area of Semarang Lho.

Usually a traveler accidentally came there to take pictures and enjoy the beauty of the architecture as well as the interiors that are in this old building. When you see it, you'll feel brought back to your past! This church includes icons tourism in Semarang.

If you are satisfied with capturing the exciting moments there, don't forget to have a culinary tour of Semarang to eat a variety of typical foods of the city. Because, near Gereja Blenduk There are many restaurants or café hits that must be tried all the menu!

4. Young Monument
Tugu-Muda-Semarang-Central Java

You are not sure that you want to miss Tugu Muda to the list of places to visit while in Bandeng City. This monument has historically been built to commemorate the Battle of five days to fight the Japanese invaders in Semarang.

Tugu Muda that is now surrounded by a park will usually be visited by residents or travelers when the weekend arrives. This place has been made more comfortable and enjoyable for us to hang out, relax, or even take a selfie trip.

5. Semarang Simpang Lima
Tour Semarang Simpang Lima

One of the things that must be done on holiday to a place is to enjoy the fun of Semarang city tour at night. Well, that is like this you can get in Simpang Lima which is in the city center.

If you have come here, you can not forget to feel the fun around this area by using a bicycle or an ornamental rickshaw. After finishing the game, you can also enjoy the culinary tour of Semarang, which is sold by the street Hawker.

Fireworks or even concerts are also often held in the Simpang Lima area of Semarang. Usually, the event was held to celebrate special moments such as the night of the year or anniversary celebration of the proclamation of RI.

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