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6 Attractions in Kampar newest & most visited Hits

Tourist attractions in Kampar do not as famous as with tourist attraction in Pekanbaru that become the contact of the traveller from other regions, but there are some destinations that are quite calculated in the province of Riau.

6 Attractions in Kampar newest & most visited Hits
6 Attractions in Kampar newest & most visited Hits

Kampar is a regency in the capital of Riau Province in Bangkinang, also known as the Mecca porch.

The patent has an archaeological site believed to have existed since the time of Sriwijaya's reign, the temple of Muara Takus. A cultural heritage that serves as a religious destination by Buddhists.

There is also the tradition of Ma'awuo, which is the tradition of catching fish together in the lake Bakuok and Subayang River.

In addition, the tradition of bathing Bakasai Balimau in the month of Ramadan is also maintained by Muslims in the Kampar River area.

In addition to the rich cultural reserve and traditions that are preserved until now, there are also tourist destinations that are seeded in Riau province.

What destinations are meant?

Here, the full review list of tourist attractions in the latest Kampar and most visited tourist Hits:

The peak of Mahligai Indah

The newest Hits tour of Mahligai Indah of Kampar District

One more recent destination that is present in Kampar patents, namely Mahligai Peak or also called Mahligai Indah.

Mahligai Peak is located not far from Ulu Kasok, but has a lower altitude than Ulu Kasok.

There, you can enjoy a view of the island cluster still remaining from the dam of Koto Panjang PLTA above the simple viewing booths that have been provided.

In other corners, you can also point your camera at a tree house with a background of forests or lakes in the vicinity.

This place is suitable for those of you who want to have a match or take a selfie on a wooden a platform with a nice view of the surrounding area.

Location: Desa Gadang Island, District XIII Koto Kampar, Kampar District, RIAU.

Kompe Peak

Latest Hits Tour Puncak Kompe Kampar Riau

Adjacent to Ulu Kasok, Puncak Kompe also has similarities to the destination Raja Ampat. However, here you can not dive, just enjoy the beautiful lakes and small islands around it.

The beauty of the panorama above the height with the breezy breeze of the crashing will make you feel comfortable here.

There is a simple deck and some sky swings that you can make a popular selfie spot.

After enjoying the panorama on the hill, do not miss some delicious culinary around the location such as spicy tamarind fish Baung and an overlapping sop made of beef.

Location: Jl. Lintas Sumbar, Koto Masjid, XIII Koto Kampar, Kampar District, Riau.

Peak of Pukatan

Recent Hits Tour the peak of Pukatan Kampar District

Puncak Pukatan is a tourist attraction in Kampar district that later began to hit the tourists.

There are several objects that you can enjoy, such as enjoying the stunning natural beauty of the viewing garage has been provided.

In addition, you can also try the challenging sensation of the swing nirvana that has been provided. The attractions are quite a spur of adrenaline in the interest of tourists, even numb photos istegenic very hits on Instagram.

In addition to these two activities, you can also enjoy the beautiful landscape of Lake PLTA Koto Panjang that stretches wide around the surrounding hills.

But to reach the summit, you have to be careful because the route that will be traversed is quite steep and rugged but relatively safe.

Location: Village of Tanjung Alai, District XIII Koto Kampar, Kampar District, RIAU.

The Prince

Tourism Hits Latest Ulu Kasok Kampar RIAU

Ulu Kasok is the newest tourist destination in Kampar district and at a glance similar to Raja Ampat in West Papua, even many tourists who call it "Raja Ampat Kampar".

This tourist attraction is always crowded with tourists in the morning and evening, even tourists from outside the area always crowded this place on the day off.

Ulu Kasok offers 3 main tourism, including the island that can be rounded by speedboat, Ulu Kasok waterfall, and Puncak Ulu Kasok.

Of these three destinations, the peak of Ulu Kasok is a top destination that many tourists hunt by.

To reach the top it takes extra energy by walking and climbing the hill with a 500 meter distance.

However, you do not have to worry because the peak of your pain will be paid off. You will be treated to an exotic viewer with some instagramable photo spots.

Location: Desa Gadang Island, District XIII Koto Kampar, Kampar District, Riau.

Gren Canyon Gulamo

Hits Gren Canyon Gulamo Kampar Riau Tourism

Gulamo River is located in the area of Koto Panjang PLTA with a clear river with a steep cliffs of Teneuh.

The Gulamo River has a unique, airy, cool atmosphere, adorned with steep cliffs, and surrounded by lush greenery. It is similar to the Gren Canyon on the Colorado River United States.

Hard Rock rock with flowing water that is calm enough to add cool impression in this place. There you can swim, try the tudude rave, and do the body Rafting.

Location: Village of Tanjung Alai, District XIII Koto Kampar,...

Muara Takus Temple

The Hits tour of Muara Takus Kampar Temple

Muara Takus Temple is the most hits tourist destination in Kampar which became the only one in Riau province.

Muara Takus temple complex is surrounded by a wall measuring 74 x 74 meters, on the outside there are also land walls measuring 1.5 x 1.5 kilometers to the banks of the right Kampar.

There are several temples such as the youngest temple, the Palanic temple, and the Mahligai Stupa.

This place is suitable as a historical destination with several spots of kece set in temples.

Location: Muara Takus, Kecamatan XIII Koto Kampar, the Kampar patent, Riau.

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