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7 Most beautiful and Instagrammable tourist spots in Bandung for family vacation on weekends!

Have you ever been bored of bringing families while on vacation only to theme parks and playgrounds? Wouldn't it be much more fun if everyone could have fun at the same time?

7 Most beautiful and Instagrammable tourist spots in Bandung for family vacation on weekends!
7 Most beautiful and Instagrammable tourist spots in Bandung for family vacation on weekends!

Yes, it means fathers and mothers are not just being ' watchmen ' when children play, but also enjoy every fun in the family holiday. Well, the findings in our newest places recommendation in Bandung, you can realize it all, can instead be more!

Want to know more? Just go for the family fun spots below!

1. Enjoy colorful orchids and beautiful nature: Orchid Forest Cikole

Do you know that in Lembang can see beautiful orchid flowers?

At Orchid Forest Cikole, 157 species of orchids from around the world can grow and develop because of Lembang's cool and clean air temperature.

Not only as a place of cultivation, Orchid Forest Cikole also built with various facilities, ranging from orchid flowers maintenance area to outbound adventure (yup, there are outbound tours here) and also eco-education.

Although this cool place is still not 100% so, you can still enjoy a variety of other interesting facilities, such as coffee corner, artistic entrance, outbound area, picnic area, playground, reading garden for children and many others.

And for those of you who are a traveller and Instagrammer, this place is paradise. There are many photojenic spots for a beautiful green setting. It is an undeniably beautiful place to stay.

Orchid Forest Cikole

Address: Jl. Tangkuban Perahu Raya KM. 8, Cikole, Lembang, West Bandung, West Java
How to get there: head towards Tangkuban Perahu and you can find the gateway to the Orchid Forest.

2. A stunning stretch of flowers (and edible!): Rainbow Garden Lembang

Eating flowers? Emang can? At Rainbow Garden Lembang you can do it.

Located in the famous Floating Market Lembang, this garden complex offers a wide collection of hundreds of types of flowers, which 80 percent of them can be eaten! The owner wants the family to be able to feel safe when they walk around the place. So the parents do not have to worry if suddenly the little ones put flowers into their mouths.

The flowers at Rainbow Garden are also specially styled to look like a rainbow, such as the garden name. Besides seeing the beauty, there are also flowers that are for sale. So if you want to have different types of flowers, which are organic though, or cactus plants, can be found here.

And for you Instagrammers, this place is a paradise of its own. Not only is the combination of beautiful colours, but also a variety of decorations such as vintage swings, ancient pianos and a brightly coloured, beautiful bird cage.

Are you interested in Japanese or Korean style? In the Floating Market, there are rental of traditional fashion costumes, as well as hair accessories as a further.

3. Cool air, clear water and beautiful scenery: Vila Air Natural Resort

With lush green trees, cool air temperatures, and clear water flowing, Vila Air presents all the best elements of nature.

Although Villa Air is located not far from Lembang which is a favorite destination for tourists during weekends, but you do not have to worry, because when staying here you have no need to go anywhere else.

In the complex, there are many supporting and recreational facilities available. Especially if your destination just want to relax.

The traditional style interiors are perfect for relaxing. Here you can play some special games available to guests.

Your search on the current site will not be lost

4. Camping with full facilities: Trizara Resorts

One place that can accommodate your need for a holiday with a large family or a romantic weekend getaway with a couple is Trizara Resorts.

This relatively new place is located in the cool area of Lembang, Bandung. The location is also not too difficult to reach from the city center, only about 45 minutes drive from Bandung.

Staying in luxury tents is rising in the leaves lately. You can invite the children to feel the fun of camping in an open area without the hassle of setting up your own tent. The facilities are also complete, from comfortable beds to clean and adequate bathrooms.

All children would love to swim, or at least play water. Fortunately, at Trizara Resort There is also a swimming pool where you can enjoy unlimited water in the beautiful outdoor landscape. The best time to swim here is morning or afternoon, because the temperature at night is very low.

In addition to the unique rooms of tents, at Trizara Resort You can also invite the children to watch the sunrise, gather while bernyanyi-nyanyi around the campfire, picnic in the large garden, until meditating and yoga in the middle of the cool air Lembang.

If you want to stay fit on holiday, there are also several sports facilities, such as bicycles, archery area, etc.

5. The Beautiful family holiday between wood and nature: The Green Forest Resort

It does not hurt to try to take family holiday while blending with nature. But don't worry first, because you still spoiled various facilities for your comfort and family.

There is no more natural morning wake up than the singing sounds of birds and the splashing of flowing water. And when you open your eyes, the green trees also greet your morning.

The hotel's swimming pool, children's playground, horse riding, and karaoke venues are guaranteed to make you and your family will not run out of events here.

Oh Yes, know the window of nature? This fun place for children is only about 600 meters away.
The Green Forest Resort

6. Play with adorable furry friends: Guguk House

What?! There is a pet shop where you can play with cute dogs, dress them up and buy accessories for those adorable furry creatures? Yes. Rumah Guguk is a paradise for dog lovers!

With the glass window in the grooming room, you can take a peek at what the staff of the Guguk house trained to dress up and make a cute dog-anjung it looks cool.

Everyone's favorite room is at the back of the house, a beautiful green garden with white wood fence and a dog-only pool. And fun, no need to pay for this area. You can also enter the dog's paradise, where they can go running, playing and swimming happily.

There are two other areas where you have to buy tickets; The first for a big-sized dog and another for a small-sized dog. Both come with a cute pond and d├ęcor. You can even find lamb and sheep in the Big Dog area!

The cleanliness and completeness of the existing facilities shows how much these dogs get attention and excellent care here. Guaranteed, upon returning from here, you will be equally happy with your little one!

7. Favorite little swimming pool and cool unique villa: Barusen Hills Ciwidey

How can it feel like having fun and playing water with the family under the sunshine and cool air of Bandung?
Maybe you can feel it yourself by coming straight to Barusen Hills Ciwidey. This tourist Spot is a favorite of every family, complete with a swimming pool surrounded by stunning panoramas.

The big pond is equipped with a large bucket ready to shed plenty of water, fountains and also colorful slides. Your fruit will definitely love dancing and playing water in this very fun water park!

After having fun in the swimming pool, maybe you can continue the ' journey ' to the Photojenik Love Garden, Bamboo Love Gardens and the Dutch garden, which is certainly equipped with windmills.

Why don't you stay here? Barusen Hills also provides accommodation for all family members. Fitting for a weekend getaway?

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