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Not complete it feels to explore the island of Sumatra without stopping to Pekanbaru. The capital and largest city in Riau is famous for its oil reserves and palm plantations. But who would have thought if Pekanbaru had many interesting destinations that are fun to visit, ranging from natural tourism to historical and cultural tourism. Want to know where is the location? Read on until it runs out yes.


1. Rainbow Hills Rumbai

About 10 kilometers from the center of Pekanbaru City there is a new tourist site that is being hit and cool abis. Its name is Rainbow Hills or Rainbow Hill. This place was first introduced by the famous blogger Marischka Prudence.

The word "Rainbow" is derived from the unique color combination of the distant, looking like a rainbow. This hill location is not far from Khayangan Lake. Every time, the contour and color of the land in this hill can change Lho. However, be careful if you visit during rainy season yes because of unstable soil condition can be landslide.

2. The exoticism of black water limestone Hill

Limestone Hill is always an interesting tourist spot to visit. One of them is limestone hill in water black area, Pekanbaru. This limestone hill is now visited by tourists, and even a favorite place for pre-wedding photo shoots. Its magnificent shape with clean white color makes the photo here looks like being in a foreign country.   

3. Enjoy the lake of Sari Valley

Although it is one of the modern cities in Sumatra, but the nature and natural beauty of the city is still being kept. One of them is the artificial lake in the middle of the city, Lake Lembah Sari. The serene, green, and expansive lake setting is the main attraction for many tourists visiting here. Especially at dusk. The view is very beautiful. Stress, fatigue and tired are guaranteed to be lost Deh!

Around the lake area are also many stalls that provide typical culinary Pekanbaru, such as the delicious tsupports Sup that will make you addicted. Do not miss to take pictures on the old hanging bridge that Instaworthy really.

4. Play fun while photos at Natural Mayang Recreational Park

Well, this theme park can be a favorite place for people in Pekanbaru for a vacation. With the concept of outdoor recreation, Alam Mayang Recreational Park provides a variety of fun outdoor activities.

From Banana boat to fishing you can do it here. Even fishing catches can be brought home lho. Do not forget to take pictures in various spots that are instaworthy in the garden area. No loss to stop here!

5. Go to the cool and beautiful Okura tourist village

Since 2010, Okura village has been inaugurated as a tourism village in Riau province. Indigenous Malay-Riau tribes still live in stilted houses along Siak River. Uniquely, you can go to this village by road or through the river line from Duku River port.

Here you can also enjoy the beautiful rural atmosphere and away from the hustle bustle of Pekanbaru city. In addition, you can do various activities such as walking down the river, seeing the life of the indigenous people of Okura village, cycling between sago trees and horse riding.

6. Malay History Trail in Bumi Riau, Siak Sri Indrapura Palace

Pekanbaru is one of the cities in Indonesia that many have a track record of Malay culture. One of them can be seen at the palace of Siak Sri Indrapura. Siak Palace is a relic of the Sultanate of Siak which is said to be one of the strong sultanate in Malay Peninsula.

Not only the architectural style is beautiful, in the inside you can even admire the historical objects relics of the Sultanate of Siak. One of them is a traditional musical instrument named Comet that there are only two in the world Lho.

7. Taj Mahal in Pekanbaru, An Nur Grand Mosque

If you haven't had the chance to go to India to see the Taj Mahal, you can visit the Great Mosque of An Nur, Pekanbaru. This mosque is nicknamed as Taj Mahalnya Riau because of its stunning mosque beauty.

From the front view, this mosque does resemble the Taj Mahal with a pool area on its grounds. The mosque that was established from 1968 should not be missed if you are visiting Pekanbaru.


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