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7 places to see and do in West Sumatera

West Sumatera tourist Spot is one of the provinces in the southern coastal area. People often call West Sumatera is a sumbar.

7 places to see and do in West Sumatera
7 places to see and do in West Sumatera

West Sumatra is in the west of the Barisan, so the rugged geographical location in the form of hills and mountains.

West Sumatera is also one of the areas that has a very diverse tourism spot. If you hear the name of West Sumatera then the one that will be the first time when the clock is ivory and rendang. Because both of these foods are one of the most delicious food.

New West Sumatra Tourism
Here are some of the latest travel reviews in Sematra Barat:

1. Janjang thousand Great Wall Of City Gadang
Tourist spot in Payakumbuh West Sumatera

West Sumatera has a lot of tourist attractions, and the first tourist spot is located in the High hill. One of the first tourist places in Bukit Tinggi is a thousand rungs. This thousand Janjang is a tourist attraction that is almost similar to the Green Canyon in the US.

Janjang thousand that has a large wall like this wall of China, has a length of 1 Meter. If you want to visit there, you need enough rest. Because the place to get to this thousand rungs quite draining to reach its point.

So, if you are visiting West Sumatera and travel to this place. Make sure you bring enough drinks and food to your needs. See also our review of Aceh tourism which is no less interesting.

2. Gadang Clock
Newest tourist spot in Bukittinggi

This jam is one of the tourist attractions that are the icon in West Sumatera. This tourism place has existed since the Dutch colonization. It has an area of 13 x 4 meters and a height of 26 meters consisting of several levels.

The clock is a big hour, because the magnitude of the clock is not different and unique. This place is one of the places that tourists often visit.

3. Bukittinggi Market
Tourist spot in Padang Panjang

This place is behind the clock Gadang. The Bukittinggi market is divided into 3 parts, the first market bottom, both slopes and three in the top markets. Each market has a different place of sale. The bottom market sells vegetables, fruits and spices.

Then on the slopes sell culinary and souvenirs typical of West Sumatra. Like Dadiah, Karakaliang, Balado chips, until the souvenir with a everything is available. And at the top you will find a typical embroidery of West Sumatra, fish and sell clothes.

4. Sianok Canyon
Culinary tour in West Sumatera

This tourist spot is located on a high hill border. Sianok Canyon is a steep valley. The jury has a depth of 100 meters and an outer 15 km, with a width of 200 meters. The robes are long and winding. The Sianok Canyon stretches from the southern gorge of the town of Gadang until the Nagari.

This Sianok canyon has very beautiful scenery and very cool eyes. If you want to visit this place, you simply pay the admission ticket Rp. 4,000. Very cheap is not it?

Next is the tourist spot of West Sumatra in Padang Panjang. Padang Panjang is one of the small towns in West Sumatera. The city has a nickname Egypte Van Andalas which is not far from the city of Padang, with a distance of 96.7 km.

Padang Panjang has also been the center of government in West Sumatra during the Dutch era first. This long Padang from West Sumatera is 2 hours.

The city has a great culture and scenery as well as excellent cuisine. READ also Padang tour with a wide range of interesting destinations.

5. Anai Valley Waterfall
The West Sumatra tour that again hits

This tourist spot is one of the most famous tourist attractions. To reach Anai waterfall must reach 66.4 km or 1 hour 50 minutes. The waterfall also has a very clear water pond.

This tourist spot is also one of the protected forest so there are still many wildlife that roam, such as monkeys. The sand is bluish, very clear.

6. Minang Fantasy
Cultural tourism of West Sumatera

This tour is located in the mountains of Barisan. In this location, there are villages that provide resort and also places to stay for tourists. The tour concept is still using the traditional...

With the number of visitors who can accommodate as much as 25,000. To enter this place, on Monday-Friday, you just need to spend Rp. 40,000. However

For Saturday-Sunday normal price is Rp. 50,000. And for operations on Mondays to Fridays it is open from 07.00-17.00, and for Saturdays-Sundays open from 08.00-18.00 hrs.

See also our reviews on Batam tours which can be an alternative to your family vacation.

7. The Sigando Human Mosque
Kinship tour in West Sumatra

This mosque is one of the oldest mosques in the city of Padang Panjang. It is located in Jorong Sigando. This mosque has Minangkabau architecture.

The government established a Sigando human mosque is one of the nature reserve. READ ALSO: Tour in Lampung which is no less interesting to visit.

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