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East Lombok Area sufied 7 newest tourist places

Lombok Island is rich in natural beauty, many tourists come to Lombok to enjoy the natural charm in every tourist attraction of Lombok. In this article we discuss about East Lombok area, which presents 7 newest tourist attractions that you must visit.

East Lombok Area sufied 7 newest tourist places
East Lombok Area sufied 7 newest tourist places

With this information hopefully can help you as a reference tourist attraction, which you can visit at the holidays this time. Want to know about 7 tourist attractions in this East Lombok area? Read more..

7 East Lombok region becomes an interesting tour this year

1. Pantai Tangsi or the pink beach Lombok

This beautiful and unique beach is the tourist area of East Lombok that began to be visited by many tourists, with the color of the sand beach is able to attract the attention of visitors who come here.

When you get to this tour you can enjoy the fresh breeze, beautiful sea views, as well as the unique beautiful sand colors. This beach is actually named Pantai Tangsi, but with the uniqueness of this beach is more famous with the name Pink Beach Lombok.

The uniqueness of this sand is because the white sand that is on the beach is mixed with fragments of coral reefs in red. So that the color of sand beaches look pink or pink.

When you visit one of East Lombok's tourism area, be sure to take pictures, capture the fun moment of your holiday with your family and your beloved friends. With beautiful view of the sea and the sand of pink beach that is so enchanting.

2. Sand beach or Gili sand

This is the most appropriate place for you to enjoy the calm and peaceful atmosphere, because this Gili is only consist of sand dune. That will appear and you can visit when the sea water is receding.

The charm of nature tourism here is very interesting so that you can enjoy the holiday with fun and memorable, sand beach or the Gili sand is surrounded with clear turquoise waters that are very enchanting.

In addition, you can feel the sensation of being on a private island, a sight that you can enjoy in addition to sand and sea is the hills. You can capture the holiday fun moments with your family and relatives by means of photographs.

3. Cape Ringgit

Tanjung Ringgit Tour can be visited when you are on the Pink beach, because the location is quite close. Here you can feel the breathtaking natural scenery, with a magnificent panoramic view of the sea and long cliffs that are interesting to watch.

From this tour you can see the island of Sumbawa directly in the distance, but you can also find some relics of Japan during the period of stud. As the cannon is near the Cape, there is also cave which is used as a hiding place in old days.

4. Kaliantan Beach

Kaliantan Beach is not as famous as Senggigi Beach and Kuta Beach in Lombok, but this beach also offers enchanting natural beauty. That can make your holiday more exciting and memorable.

With an inviting blue sea color, invite you to feel the sensation of swimming on the beach, as well as the scenery around the beautiful that you can see and explore. It is famous for its magnificent Golden Sunsetnya.

For you who want to pull over from the hustle bustle of the city, this beach is suitable as one of the best tourist attraction. The view of Kaliantan is made with the vast grasslands from the west, reaching the eastern end.

5. Cape Bloam

For those of you who enjoy exploring the beauty of Lombok, you must also visit Southern Lombok. There is a hidden beach with stunning panoramic views. Yaps one of them is Tanjung Bloam which is in line with Kaliantan Beach.

Cape Bloam offers breathtaking cliff-high cliffs. The cliffs at Tanjung Bloam are more unique and the scenery is also more exotic than some of the cliffs in Lombok.

Save the charm of nature with the white sand that merona, as if making this place as a fragment of heaven that is prepared God for us to enjoy. This tourist attraction lies in the charm of a unique and beautiful cliff.

On the left side of the cliff is shaped like a bakery. Medium on the right side of the cliff shaped irregular and jutting towards the beach. With the color of a yellowish cliff combined with a black color, it looks very contrasting with the color of the blue sea water.

6. Sembalun

Sembalun is a very special place with beautiful natural panorama. Not only can you view the green of mountains, paddy fields, and lush trees, but here you can also observe a cluster of cliffs that look beautiful and exotic.

You should know that the weather in Sembalun tends to fluctuate but it is more often a cold typical of the mountains. You can also see clearly from the height of the traditional Sasak villages in the valley and flanked by hills.

7. Gili Kondo

Port of Gili Kondo
Gili Kondo
On the natural beauty of course, Gili Kondo is undoubtedly unnecessary. Gili Kondo is an island that has no inhabitants.

For those of you who love to snorkel here is the perfect place to enjoy the beautiful underwater nature of Lombok, but for those of you who do not like diving, janga worry because you can also enjoy the beauty of Gili Kondo by other means.

The beauty of underwater garden Gili Kondo Lombok
The beauty of underwater garden Gili Kondo Lombok
For example, take a stroll around the area of Gili Kondo. When the sea water recedes on the Gili coast, usually tourists use it for a leisurely stroll around the island, enjoying an exotic atmosphere.

Gili Kondo is a new tourist site that still has not been seen many foreign tourists. And for the sustainability of the nature that is in Gili Kondo is still very well maintained and maintained. Gili Kondo Lombok is the perfect destination for you who are interested in trying new holiday atmosphere.

That's 7 attractions in an exotic East Lombok visit soon

From some of the explanations above about 7 tourist attractions in East Lombok, I'm sure you've found the ones to choose one of them. Indeed Lombok is one of Indonesia's asset that is very valuable with its natural beauty is very extraordinary.

If we see every day Lombok is always flooded by foreign tourists to enjoy the beauty that there is either in the area of East Lombok or other.

Among the things you can do like snorkling, surfing, relaxing and some other activities. Let's enjoy your holiday with a panoramic view of paradise in Lombok, Indonesia.

With holiday packages to Lombok you can enjoy a more memorable tour, why? Because we Lombok Tour Plus besides accompany your tour, we also prepare all your needs in Lombok such as accommodation and transportation.

So you do not have to confuse to rent a car in Lombok and confuse to determine the choice of tourist destination, you can directly plan your tour with us and instantly enjoy your holiday in Lombok with more efficient and satisfying, we wait for the presence of You are in Lombok Yes 🙂

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