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There are 7 interesting natural destinations of Dumai, from Purnama Beach to Pelintung Cave

Riau Province is located on the island of Sumatra, the capital is Pekanbaru.

There are 7 interesting natural destinations of Dumai, from Purnama Beach to Pelintung Cave
There are 7 interesting natural destinations of Dumai, from Purnama Beach to Pelintung Cave

In addition to the famous city of Pekanbaru in Riau, Riau also has a city that is not less famous name with Pekanbaru namely Dumai.

It is known that Dumai is one of the widest cities in Indonesia.

In addition, Dumai also became the hometown of the number one YouTubers in Indonesia, Atta Halilintar.

It turns out that Dumai also has a paradise for sightseeing.

There are several tourist destinations in Dumai that can be visited, and unfortunately to be missed.

What are some interesting tourist destinations?

Here are some interesting tourist destinations to visit when you are in Dumai, which is summarized by the Tribuntravels from several sources:

1. Purnama Beach

Dumai has a charming beach and interesting to visit, one of which is Pantai Purnama.

Pantai Purnama is located in Purnama Village, West Dumai district.

This beach can be a perfect place for those who want to enjoy dusk.

Not only that, this beach is also equipped with various facilities ranging from the traditional Saung-Saung to the place to eat.

You can also enjoy the largest kite festival in Sumatra held every May on this beach.

2. Dumai Tourism Forest

In Dumai area there is a city forest tourism area that is very beautiful and interesting.

For those of you who are looking for a quiet and beautiful tourist area, then this tourist area is one of quite interesting options.

This tourist forest area is always crowded by tourists, especially during holidays.

Quiet atmosphere with a very fresh air makes this one tourist area to be one of the places in Dumai.

This place usually has always been an attractive location to carry out family events, or not infrequently use this area as one of the prewedding photo spots.

The cozy atmosphere is indeed an advantage of this place.

3. Seven Flowers Lake

Flower Seven Lake is one of the tourism in Dumai that is always crowded with the visitors.

It has an area of about 47 hectares with a variety of water tours that make this attraction is not only visited by the residents of Dumai only, but from outside Dumai area.

In addition to the tourist water attractions are fun we can also enjoy the scenery is quite beautiful and nice.

In addition, we can also use the gazebo in this area to rest.

If you want to visit this area should come early morning when the weather is still not too hot and the air is still quite fresh.

The lake is located in Jalan Soekarno Hatta, Bukit Barem village, Dumai, Riau.

4. Magic Tiger Tread

One of the historical sites that you can visit in Dumai is the site of Harimau Sakti located in Kelurahan Pelintung, subdistrict Medang Kampai or about 25 kilometers from the city center.

According to the legend that circulated in the surrounding community, this site is the site of a powerful tiger who was able to repel and confront his enemy only with a single beat of his foot on a stone Tiger defeated his enemy.

5. Gua Pelintung

Gua Pelintung is located in Pelintung Village, Medang Kampai Sub District or about 35 kilometers from downtown Dumai.

This cave has a hill-like shape called Bukit veil.

It is said that according to local people legend, this hill is a treasure store for Siam pirates from China Saigon.

They hoard the cave with rocks and soil, and finally the cave has a shape resembling a towering hill.

6. Teluk Makmur Beach

If you want to visit an exotic beach in Dumai, Teluk Makmur Beach can be the right choice for you to visit.

The beach has coastlines filled with large rocks.

The beach located in the north of Dumai, precisely on Jalan Mattahim, Teluk Makmur Medang Kampai Village, has a very beautiful susana at dusk.

7. Dumai Mangrove Forest

Dumai area itself has a mangrove tourism area is quite famous.

The area itself is called the Dumai Mangrove town, an area that will surely be very interesting to visit.

If you are in Dumai there is no harm to visit and enjoy the atmosphere in this mangrove forest.

Walking on a wooden bridge that divides the mangrove forest is sure to be a very interesting activity to do.

In addition to this mangrove area can also be one of the tourist destinations that are interesting enough to provide a new atmosphere on your travel.

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