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5 Recommended Padang Attractions

Padang is one of the most popular cities in Indonesia, one of which is because of the song titled Nasi Padang sung by Audun Kvitland, a Norwegian bule. Saking His love with typical Padang food, he even had a chance to promote Rendang during the exhibition of international Reiselivmessen 2017 in the Telenor Arena, Oslo, Norway. Audun sang Nasi Padang and invited visitors to taste Rendang and Nasi Padang served at the KBRI's booth in Oslo.

5 Recommended Padang Attractions
5 Recommended Padang Attractions

In addition to being famous for its lowland, Padang is also known as one of the city with beautiful natural panorama. No wonder that throughout the year 2017, then there are estimated 7million tourists who are on holiday to Padang. The enchantment of nature is the target of the island of Cubadak, Nirwana Beach, Sikuai Island, Anai Valley and many more.

Here are some recommendations for Padang attractions that tourists can visit while vacationing there:

1. Anai Valley

Along the jJalanRaya Padang – Bukittinggi, tourists will witness one of the wonders that the nature of Padang is presented. Anai Valley, a waterfall located right on the edge of the highway is able to attract anyone who passes through a moment stop and enjoy its natural beauty. Padang tourist attractions will be very challenging when the rainy season comes, when the water discharge soars and the waterfall splash can even be felt on the side of the highway. 

From the area of 35 meters high waterfall, it is also seen the towering green hills. On the other side, there is a series of old railway tracks passing over the highway, located not far from the Anai Valley waterfall. A unique and beautiful panoramic blend. 

2. Cubadak Island

Although the name is not very famous in Indonesia, but Cubadak Island is better known abroad especially Germany. It originated from a German tourist who had made a documentary about the beauty of the island. It is said that this Cubadak is a crater area, so today its natural wealth is very rich and diverse. Starting from the coral reefs and dozens of beautiful marine creatures are here.

On Cubadak Island There are resorts run by foreigners from Italy and Germany. The combination of complete facilities and beautiful natural panorama will make this tourist spot in Padang suitable for honeymoon destination with couple. 

3. Nirwana Beach

Nirwana Beach is a tourist attraction of Padang that often be the target of photographers. Not for no reason, this beach presents a panorama of nature in the form of soft white sand, calm waves, and ships that will be docked to Teluk Bayur port and Coral rocks when the waves are ordered. The sunset even makes the view on Nirwana beach more beautiful and photogenic. 

Many believe that sea water in Nirvana Beach can be used as a therapeutic tool. When the holidays arrive this beach will be flooded with tourists from inside and outside the city. Nirwana Beach is also included in a row of Padang tourism places that must be visited by tourists while on vacation in the Rendang producing city. 

4. Sikuai Island

Not only Cubadak Island, Padang apparently also has another small island that is not less beautiful. It is Sikuai Island, a small island that has since 1994 then been designated as one of Indonesia's maritime tourism. Having a beautiful natural panorama and clear and clean waters make this island quite famous in Padang. Even on this island have been built several resorts and inns that are ready to pamper tourists. 

Salahs and the top activities on Sikuai Island are snorkeling. Sikuai is ready to spoil the eyes of anyone who has looked at them. Although in 2009, the island was shaken by a devastating earthquake, but it did not reduce animo tourists to come and have a vacation in the tourist attraction of Padang this one. 

5. Sirandah Island

Sirandah Island is one of Padang tourist haha which is only 60 km from Minnagkabau airport. The time is just 2 hours. It is low in Minang language, which signifies that the coastline surrounding Sirandah Island is quite low and ramps. The calm waves and gentle sand make the island's beach area very comfortable to enjoy by swimming or playing water. 

Some of the activities that can be done at Padang tourist attractions are snorkeling, relaxing while sunbathing or trekking to the hill that is on the other side of the island. For diving lovers, Sirandah Island will be an interesting spot to explore. Even the diving points around the island are also quite interesting, such as on Snake Island and Pandan Island. 

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