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Place to see in Malang and Batu, suitable for families "

Traveling to East Java, dear if you missed Malang city. The reason is that the city has a myriad of tourist charms to fill your holiday. After Malang visitors, you can shift by 16.9 km to Batu city. The city which originally was the administrative area of Malang district now stands independent. The city's rich tourist attractions also have a wide choice of amusement parks with adjacent distance. For you who are planning to go to Malang and Batu, here are recommendations from KompasTravel: 

Place to see in Malang and Batu, suitable for families  "
Place to see in Malang and Batu, suitable for families  "

1. Batu Night Spectacular (BNS) BNS is a famous amusement park in Batu City. Because it is located on a plateau, you can enjoy the natural scenery with the glitter of Malang city. Here you can find different types of rides for you and your family such as air bike, disco bumper car, marry go round, mini boom-boom car, mini train, and many more. In addition to the rides, BNS provides a food court with many choices of food. Enjoy also evening shopping at the BNS Night Market. The playground is located at Jalan Hayam Wuruk No 1, Oro-Oro Ombo. As the name suggests, BNS is open in the evening with operating hours operating from 15.00-24.00 WIB. To be able to enter BNS, you need to buy a ticket for Rp 30.000 for visit Monday-Friday and Rp 40.000 for Saturday-Sunday visit or public holidays. For those of you who use public transportation, you can take the route from Malang City to the Terminal of Landungsari. From the Landungsari Terminal, you need to change public transport to the Batu Terminal. From the Batu Terminal look for the young yellow BJL Angkot through this tourist area. A couple of tourists while taking a picture at the Flower Hill spot at Batu Flower Garden, Coban Rais, Batu City, East Java, Saturday (21/1/2017). ( HARTIK) 

2. Stone Flower Garden stone Flower Garden include new tourist attraction in Batu city, Malang. Here you can see a beautiful view of colorful flowers. Not only that, the nuances of the mountains shrouded in the fog and the view of the butterflies that pass through will make your stay unforgettable. Originally the tourist attraction in the area is only a waterfall named Coban Rais and the campsite. Now you can find more or less 31 rides for you and your family. The tariff of each toy varies with the price range of Rp 10.000-Rp 65.000. 
You have to enter the Perhutani area first by paying Rp 10,000/person because of the park located in the area. You can only enter the Batu Flower Garden with a tariff of Rp 25,000 per person. The opening hours are from 09.00-15.00 WIB. From Malang Kota Batu Station, you need to walk for 120 m to Trunojoyo Street. Then, take the city transportation with the code AJG/AJH or AMH/AMH to Jalan Raden Tumenggung Suryo. From the road, you have to ride the city freight with CKL code to Tlogosari Street, just take the city transportation with the KL code and get off at Dadaprejo Street. From this street, you need to rent a ojek to go to Batu Flower Garden. Visitors are in front of a photo spot at Rumah Susuh in Ngukir Alam Wisata (NGA), Batu City, East Java, Thursday (11/1/2018). (SURYAMALANG.COM/SANY EKA PUTRI) 

3. Natural tourism (NWA) Ngukir, this place is an agricultural land for planting oranges and cloves. But the result is not too good to be planted suren wooden trees in order to be used to make huts, houses, wooden houses, to the swing. You can find strawberry land, durian, forest Sawo, Cepeda prepared for visitors. Besides picking, you can learn to plant the fruits here with the Araha from the NWA party. There is still a lot to be added as a complement to the rides here, such as camping ground, selfie spots, and so on. This tourist spot is located in Ngukir Hamlet, Torongrejo, Junrejo. Admission ticket to this area amounted to Rp 10,000. 

4. Sources of Sirah source Sirah is a very clear source of water that combines with a beautiful natural scenery. Here, not only can you enjoy the natural scenery, you can also do snorkeling water sports activities. In the water you will see the green algae at the base of the springs that are so pampering the eyes. READ ALSO: Finding hidden tourist destinations in Malang with Offroad the facilities provided are quite complete. You can rent swimming equipment, snorkeling, where you can rent swimming equipment, snorkeling, rinsing, and so forth. This spring is located in Jalan Sunan Kalijaga I RT. 05/RW. 02, North Putuk, Putukrejo, Kec. Gondanglegi, Bogor. Entrance fee is very cheap, only charged IDR 1,000 per person. 

5. Pine Cave Goa is one of the tourist favorite of Malang residents. The cool atmosphere is wrapped in pine forest around it to be the main attraction of this place. Its cave length is only five metres long, while its height is about 1.5 meters. For the tall body above 150 cm, you have to go down with a bow. It was used as a mining site, now it is transformed into a beautiful tourist spot. You can find many beautiful places that are suitable for taking pictures. This cave is located at Gunungsari, Bumiaji, Kota Batu. You will be charged Rp5000 per person for a single entry. If you drive from the center of Batu, you will need 25 minutes with a distance of about 11.6 km. The atmosphere in front of Jatim Park 1, Batu City, Tuesday (26/12/2017). (ARCHIVES JATIM PARK GROUP) 

6. Jatim Park 1 This tourist attraction is the first amusement park in Batu. Jatim Park 1 is a tourist spot that combines the concept of recreational and educational rides so that children can play and learn. Jatim Park 1 has a wide variety of rides. Around 53 game rides are offered for you and your family, such as Superman Coaster, Sky Ride, Waterboom, Volcano Coaster, Flying Tornado and many more. The park is located at Jl. Kartika No. 2, comb, Batu subdistrict, Batu City. You will be subjected to Rp 100.000 for admission ticket on Mondays – Thursdays. For Friday-Sunday, you are required to purchase a package consisting of entrance ticket to Jatim Park 1 and the Museum body with the price of Rp 120.000. Jatim Park 1 opens at 08.30 hours and closes at 16.30 WIB. Baby white tigers and their parent in Jatim Park 2 (Jatim Park 2) 

7. Jatim Park 2 This park is more commonly known as Batu Secret Zoo. Here you can enjoy three big facilities, namely the animal Museum, Batu Secret Zoo and the game rides at the end of the trip. The animal Museum presents the fossil diorama of ancient animals complete with an explanation of where you can tour while playing. There are also insectarium which stores a collection of 5,000 types of insects. READ ALSO: Culinary options on Trans Java Mudik line, Pasuruan, Malang, and Banyuwangi Batu Secret Zoo offers various types of fauna that you can not find in Indonesia. You can take pictures with snakes and ride a camel in this place. Jatim Park 2 addresses at Oro-Oro Ombo No 9 Kota Batu, approximately 20 km west of Malang. The park is open from 10.00-18.00. It is located very close to Jatim Park 1 and Stone Might Spectatular. Admission fee is Rp 85,000 Monday-Friday and IDR 120,000 for Saturday-Sunday and public holidays.

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